Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Parallel Universe

Dear readers (sok bgt pake jamak),

What do you think about parallel universe?

“A parallel universe or alternative reality is a hypothetical or fictional self-contained separate reality coexisting with one's own.” – Wikipedia.

I don’t go with parallel universe concept, ok i used to. Semakin kesini semakin menganggap bahwa orang-orang yang pake embel-embel blablabla somewhere in parallel universe itu cuman semacam denial atau pelarian aja. Ketika kita udah punya anggapan bahwa terdapat kita yang berada di sebuah semesta lain sudah melakukan sesuatu yang benar atau seharusnya kita lakukan, dan cukup gitu aja, puas aja sampai di situ, kebayang ga sih seberapa fana imajinasi di kepala masing-masing?

Listen up mi corazon, maybe, somewhere, in far faraway parallel universe does exist, and they did all the things you want to, and things you should do, and most importantly, they have your answer. And it’s for them, and NOT for you.

Kayanya udah keseringan mikir tentang ini daan berakhir penyesalan seandainya begini seandainya begitu. Sekarang harus bisa memanfaatkan momen, karena ga akan ada yang namanya kesempatan kedua dalam urusan beginian. For having the right moment with the right person (aint only for heart situation loh yaa) and do the right thing to do.

Postingan ter YOLO 2013................

Oiya sekarang ini lagi muterin RNRM on repeat, ceritanya nostalgia gitu. Sama masih eforia Javasoulnation 2013 kemarin. Akhirnya kesampaian juga nonton salah satu band lokal to die for yang ciamikz to the max sekali live nya. Karena susah cari liriknya, ini salah satu lagu favorit yang selalu bikin goosebumps waktu ngedengerin. Maybe simply because the song, or the story behind...

Rock N Roll Mafia - 1000 Times Love Theme



Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sajak Tentang

kenapa sebaiknya jauh jauh

Karena dekat mengundang resah.

Dia, berbeda
Dari dia-dia yang lain, versiku

Dia ada tanpa membawa makna
Tapi cukup menghujam tanya

Dia sungguh berbeda
Bermuka dua
Yang satu sungguh sederhana
Sisanya, sisanya
Mana tahu aku yang mana tipu daya

Jadi sebaiknya,
Jauh saja

Saturday, February 23, 2013


you now, third semester of college, more spare times = more things u shudn't remember-but you think about it anyway. kinda settle here for some reason, living faraway from home has given me strength to stand on my own. it also makes me realize that besides of all, family comes first.

nah, maybe that was one thing i barely stand for back then. couple years ago i made a lot of wrong choices just because i feel like i am the center of the world- huff. i mean, i was young spirit ready to make my own decision (in fact there are stuffs i regret by now ._.). but the reality: i thought i was in my comfort zone, whatever i did wrong, my parents will always taking care of me, feed me, etc etc.

i found art and music are my muse so i spent my time busy in the street attending or creating so called gigs or exhibition everywhere (which i still doing this maybe forever) but the problem was less family time. i heard but aint listened what my parents said. there were time i arguing a lot with mom, first world mother-teenage daughter problem sih. but still regretting it because nowadays, just to hear a voice from 'em i should make a call in good timing :( and it cost $$$.

in love life i already did make wrong choices (it is like my thing up until now -_____-) i did like the so called bad ass, got broken heart, in love secretly from distance, friendzoned (and friendzone-ing, ups) also had a complicated long time relationship which yeaah.. it started i had crush with his friend but ended up with him but it was all over. ohh life... girls life.... always have their own interesting stories, isn't it?

so we're get to the wise part.
people make mistakes. it makes us human. it is our job to get the lessons for that and make no same mistake in the other time. maybe it hurts, painful, full of disappointment, but it will get funnier if you re-think about it :)

anywaayyy, my old man finally give up his smoking habit! it started from 6/5months a go but i just knew it earlier in this year (distance, always). am a proud daughter! love you, pa! just wish both of my dad and mum and my beloved sissy always good in health and luck and happiness. and and and aaam just happy so i think the world have to know ha ha haaaaaa

alhamdulillah :)



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