Friday, May 21, 2010

as long as the dog bark, until they barked

akhirnya kami pun tetap merayakan eksistensi JYCK di tahun keduannya.
hahahalaah. finally problem solved. yang kemarin buat pembelajaran. makanya harus ati ati.


kalo di recap 2taun ini kita sama sama idiot kok. mau2nya aja aku sama kamu yang sering bikin sakit ati, ga peka, dan ga pernah ngasih mawar merah. mau2nya aja kamu sama aku yang over sensitif, mutungan, ga pangerten sama situasi dan kondisi yang kadang ga pas. mau gimana lagi hlawong kita sama2 saling mencintai. (eh sumpah ya bahasaku njijiki) -____-

wis ah males aku ya bosen ngeblog cinta2an terus. serasa terinjeksi telenovela.

oiya males wi aku posting foto2 rawks. gede bgt ukuranya hampir 1terrabyte. lebey.

next issue : foto kaum ANSOR ft Mama Mrs. ANSOR yang cantik yang ganteng yang pinter main poker. ups.
(masih issue ya ini, jgn dipercaya dulu)

habis ini mau nonton kaset (bajakan) nya mita, Marie Antoniette. basi banget belom nonton film jaman Kirsten Dunts berdempul 50.000.000cm bedak. :P

so the song is...

If I Fell

If I fell in love with you

Would you promise to be true

And help me understand

Cos I've been in love before

And I found that love was more

Than just holding hands

If I give my heart to you

I must be sure

From the very start

That you would love me more than her

If I trust in you oh please

Don't run and hide

If I love you too oh please

Don't hurt my pride like her

Cos I couldn't stand the pain

And I would be sad if our new love was in vain

So I hope you see that I

Would love to love you

And that she will cry

When she learns we are two

Cos I couldn't stand the pain

And I would be sad if our new love was in vain

So I hope you see that I

Would love to love you

And that she will cry

When she learns we are two

If I fell in love with you


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

never trust anybody more than yourself

just a second after i write this

taraaaaaaaaaaaaa :

and finally they lived happily ever after :)

apa alesanmu kali ini? susah buat percaya sm kamu. tapi lihat, hati ini terlanjur rusak dan berdebu. aku ini tidak cantik sayang, aku tidak kurus, tinggi semampai, dan tidak bisa berdandan. kamu tau itu.

jangan tahan aku lagi aku bosan.

aku tidak bisa melihat yang seperti ini lagi. maaf saya sama sekali tidak mengerti hal hal yang kamu anggap biasa itu. itu tidak biasa. itu luar biasa sakit.

mulai hari ini aku dan kediaman ku.

cold and heartless.

i dont wanna spending too much my time just to being hurted.

dan itu sama sekali bukan hal yang biasa saja.
bukan hal yang biasa.


its hard to say i trust you

tapi seragu ragu nya saya, masih ada rasa percaya sama kamu (walopun ngotot bilang ga percaya + marah marah parah).
mas, aku tresna tenan karo sliramu :)

It's not about keeping your promises, and it's not about following your heart. It's about security.

Young Noah // The Notebook (2004)

jaga hatiku yaa sayang..


Monday, May 10, 2010

and the rain fall down

this time i wanna speak up about my last event at SMA Negeri 1 Surakarta called RAWKS! (Rubric Of Artworks in Smansa) ok people stop. please its my turn to have speaker rite now :)

so i wont play hide and seek about the problems.

first and the most common mistake in any committees. lack of cooperation.

lack of coordination to get sponsors.

too high idealism.

and we seems didnt care about the others part. are they done yet, are they need any help. is that rite fellas?

ok, theres still a bunch of mistake that day.


but this is absolutely the most fatal. settle the payment before the obligations are fulfilled. ok thankyou we know who's takin the responsibility here but we're not going to blame you.

this is not your fault. you did a great job. we all did. but that fuckin great super duper wuper rain destroyed all of our imagination and hopes for this event. our teacher rite. mr. yoto rite. it was nature. divine. fate.

as the crew i wanna say sorry if you guys felt lose out for spending your IDR 8000 and your time, and missed that football event. indeed we're sorry too.

overall we did a great job. prepared fr the blast next august.

note : photos after this post (insya allah) .

you know what, i felt bored when write all of this sht. maybe you too. but its kinda hurt when heard all those backstabber.

die you biatch.



song of the day :

Kiss The Pain Away
Hollywood Nobody
Let me come into the darkness of ur soul
Let me cure all the pain left from the past
Give me courage just to save ur wounded heart
Give it to me so i can touch the deepest side of ur lonely heart

Come on closer just give it a shot
I’ll never gonna ruin that beautiful thing inside
Come on closer just kiss the pain away
I’ll be ur cure and u’ll be my love

Bend it on me i’ll be okay
Our love drive me to the max
Give me your hand and u’ll see
How wonderful our feeling inside

cx !


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