Sunday, November 29, 2009

And you may not think that i care for you

And you may not think that i care for you, well you know down inside that i really do.

And its me you need to show, how deep is your love?

Baby if you wanna leave, just leave. And i swear i will let you go. But please, stop do this to me. I cant watching you with those other girls instead you never call me as yours.

What am I to you? Is this somenthing worth it? Tell me wrong if i am. Because i feel you aint feel me any more. Where’s my boy? He’s lost.

I was a proud girl when i meet my boy. He’s super fine. He was more than just fine. He’s anything that a girl wanted to have. He wanted me and let other people see that.

But he never sent me rose, yet :(

Or he wont sent me any rose(s).

Wake up my boy, or leave. Dont stay like this. I dont ever get used to this. Never.


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