Wednesday, November 28, 2012

recap part I

halo, blog.
beberapa hari belakangan kambuh lagi kebiasaan tidak tidur hingga fajar ku ini. semoga kuat melawan sakit hingga akhir ujian nanti huhuhuuuuuu. apakah gara-gara patah sebelum jatuh terlalu dalam yaa? hahahaha another hurty story that might be laugh-able for years later....
ah sudahlah mari mulai bercerita!

there are many things that haven't been posted here yet, kinda feel like am gonna make press release of my activities here. this year so glad that i did a bunch of things that i uber like:

i volunteered as Fashion Fitter at UI Fashion Week 2012

effing happy to be the part of first fashion events that presented by my university hihi. held at the brand new Kuningan City. being fashion fitter is one of my personal dream, and yes, got plenty memorable times there. i met amazing people that has fashion as their passion and live with it. designers, talents, even other committees. i see no poser there, it's true if someone says when you're in fashion world, people with ideas, and people with willingness to pay to be seen as hip as they want is clearly different. you are gonna be fully appreciated by your creation. ooh i hope that someday i'll be one of them :") naah when i fitted Alex[a]lexa, i met their internee and ended be friends with them, they're Lingga und Dayi. the designer is mba Monik, they're really humble and nice! they got fresh and unique design with mostly colorful floral pattern. i would definitely wear them! (if only i could afford it, huff) the other line that i fitted is de.cada.dia, own by a young and talented UI student, kak Bethanny. her designs are very classy and well made by a super comfy fabric. they got edgy clothes there, and trust me there will be no other brand that lookalike. one of my college mates is also the talent here. she's so pretty and professional! i hope you're doin good at modelling, Ivy!

alex[a]lexa team

 alexalexa (1)

  alexalexa (2)


makeup room

aanddd its time for a little narcissistic....
me with kak Bethanny (de.cada.dia), Barly Asmara, mba Monik (alexalexa)

 the Fashion Fitter Team! 

thanks rhea, farzen, depoy, atika, and other fitter folks who gave me this opportunity. so sad that i didn't apply for UI Fashion Week 2013 this June huhu it's because all college matters and other committees keep my time and am afraid if too much activities will drives me crazy and irresponsible.. so goodluck for the next UIFW!

ini salah satu hal di tahun ini yang harus banget direkam di salah satu postingan di blog ini, walaupun udah kemaren banget :P

next, i will post more about events or gigs that i attended this year. recap for 2012. i am more than ready to face 2013.


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