Monday, August 2, 2010

this is why my life never been as good as heaven
this is why my life wont be as hell, well, as hell :P

im not goin to regret this (pointing to my self)
thats ok i had a super big fight with my family, while arguing with my boy. which is ended with cold war between us. and painfully migraine.

its fine because whatever happening down here, i know that we're fine anyway.
no matter how hurt it feels, i still believe that God's scenario never harmed us.

semuanya demi kebaikan
semoga cepat membaik dan,
semuanya kembali seperti yang semestinya, dalam hal kebaikan tentunya.

i love you mom, dad, my sister,
and you, sid.


So tired of feeling blue.
such a heavy weight on you.
So shake it off and make your way
to somewhere different
Oh no now you’re leaving me
oh what will you do all alone
in the big bad world?
Im not worried, no.

Cause you’re gonna skip along,
Quite merrily, baby.
you’re gonna revel in hating
what’s goin' on
And you’re like a sugar bomb
and no harm will come,
no harm will come if you
just skip along.

Acting oblivious.
Comes natural to us.
Keep smiling knowing all the while
the world will fall apart

Wouldn't it be lovely to be home, home
safe and sound with no one round
to bring us down
but that's so far away

No harm will come if we just skip along

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