Thursday, November 17, 2011

hello (again)

hey, is there anyone who's reading my post? anyone? i only ask for human not that something-bot blablabla like recently spamming in some blogs thingy.

yeah yeah yeah, i need extra, double extra, brave just to log in at my blogger account. the truth is i hate being here. i hate re-read my own post. i hate remembering all those memories. this blog contains too much pain and makes scars over my heart getting worse :''''(((((

the oxymoron part is i love blogging, and i feel kinda betray this blog if i create another. i love you, yess my limited reader, friends and virtual friends. i love the feeling when this blog got new follower, or comment. i know, named me a pervert.

i dont know if this is my last post or this is last-but-not-least-post. but for now yes, am living in Depok, i got one of my SHS dream to be a college student in Universitas Indonesia. Management major at Economic Faculty. alhamdulillah, this is just another step to build suddenly morning :" i know there are soo much barrier ahead. getting further from my besties and familia, massive homesick, and so on and so on. and there is no such a love story no more. i hope i do well at this, very very well. amiiinnn.


work it harder, make it better. do it faster, make us stronger. // strongger - kanye west

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